• "People I talk to say they don’t want to spend time inside places filled up with smoke. I think if we were known as Nevada’s first smoke-free destination, we’d see even more visitors, which would boost our economy." - Elsie Spencer, Home Tax Service

  • "We wish that there wasn't smoking anywhere indoors in Mesquite-to protect our health and improve our lives. When you smoke, we choke!" - The Navarro Family

  • "People come to Hugo's Hilltop Restaurant because of our great food and the clean, smoke-free air." - Hugo Cerff, Hugo's Hilltop Restaurant

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Citizens for Clean Indoor Air

Thank you for your interest in protecting Mesquite's workers, residents, and visitors from secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is a public health problem.


Survey: Mesquite voters want smoke-free casinos, Desert Valley Times, September 2, 2016

Working at a casino presumably has its ups and downs, just like any other job or career.

About one-third of the Mesquite workforce, however, is being exposed to life-threatening health risks every day through inhalation of secondhand smoke, and the Mesquite Citizens for Clean Indoor Air is now armed with results from a survey that found a clear majority of the city's voters strongly support its efforts to ban indoor smoking in all workplaces, including the city's biggest businesses.

A May 2016 Public Opinion Strategies survey of nearly 300 registered voters in Mesquite found that 62 percent favor a local ordinance requiring total smoke-free air in all workplaces, including bars and casinos. An overwhelming majority, 81 percent, also believe secondhand smoke to be a public health hazard, and 55 percent said they’re more likely to vote for a candidate who supports a local ordinance requiring completely smoke-free workplaces for all Mesquite workers.

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Everyone deserves to breathe clean indoor air. No one should have to sacrifice their health for a paycheck.