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The story behind why you believe in smokefree Mesquite is important—not as we tell it, but as you do. Help make a difference by sharing your story.  Everyone deserves to breathe smokefree indoor air—where they work and in all public places. Share your story about an experience where you were affected by others smoking in your workplace or in another public place.  Tell us how secondhand smoke has affected your life.

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    Toxic air is everywhere. That one big reason why that there are now dozens of new chronic illnesses that never existed before in history:

    Indoors. Cut and Paste this link:

    Outdoors. Cut and Paste this link:
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    HI, I’m Tom Hancock and I moved to Mesquite a little over two years ago. I decided to finally leave crowded Washington, D.C. where I worked for a total of about 35 years. I moved to Mesquite because of the clean air, spectacular views, and the many bike trails throughout town. While I still love Mesquite, what I very much dislike is the unhealthy air in the casinos and other places where there’s gambling in town. The Mesquite City Counsel should immediately disallow indoor smoking everywhere here in the interest of the health and welfare of all citizens and employees who work in these smoke-infested establishments. Regardless of what you may here, our city cousel members can do this; and they know it but have chosen not to do so. Their main reason is they do not want to take any chance adversely impacting Mesquite’s economy by stopping smoking all indoor smoking. Evidence strongly indicates otherwise. For example, I moved here from Virginia, a major tabacco producing state with among the largest number of smokers of any state. However, about a decade ago it passed a non-smoking law for all indoor places including all bars and gambling establishments and revenues at these establishments continue to soar. The same holds true in Virginia’s sister state of Maryland. In fact, last year the MGM built a large casino resort at the National Harbor across the Patomac River from Washington, D.C. Even though no smoking is allowed at this establishment, business in its casinos is busting at the seams. California, Colorado provide yet further examples where businesses have continued to thrive in clean-air establishments, more so than when smoking was present! Not only states are turning to clean indoor air, but cities are moving this direction also! New Orleans is an excellent example. This city recently became in totally clean indoor air city, and even with the il leffects of Hurricane Katrina, the economy there is likewise thriving!!!! It just doesn’t make sense smoking is still allowed in some bars and casino when decades ago it’s been considered a major health hazzard and thus eliminated in Government buidldings, all military establishments, on aircraft, grocery stores, restaurants and all other work establishments that service the public! Mesquite City Counsel members, I ask you to take a stand for what’s right…for business and the health and welfare of all Mesquite citizens and all those who love traveling here…after all, isn’t that why you were voted into office? I thank you all for your concern regardling this serious health matter, and making Mesquite smoke-free in 2017! It’s as easy for you as that…NOT a difficult endeavor in the least bit! Thank you for your support!
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    Many elderly people here in mesquite have copy. I do and I hate to have to breath someone cigars or cigarettes if I choose to go out and eat or bowl or play or life is important I should not have to breath 2nd hand smoke. My mom and sister are dead now thanks to dirty smoky air. I don’t want to die.
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    I recently had a lobe of my lung removed, luckily it was not cancer. Smoke is very bad for the lungs, especially for me during this healing process. I now only have 80% of my lung capacity so I really don’t want to take a chance on damaging what I have left by exposing myself to smoke.

    Most places in Mesquite allow smoking so that limits where I can go. I know we all have rights but if you are a smoker you can still patronize every casino and eating establishment in Mesquite and step outside to smoke. I, on the other hand, would be taking a chance on damaging the 80% I have left to patronize smoking establishments.
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    Correction of email

    Should be kgbur43@
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    Stopped smoking Aug. 1967, cold.

    It is my humble opinion that the casinos in Mesquite will never go clean air.

    My suggestion would be to get Mr Lee of Eureka, principal owners of the Casa and Virgin, plus owners of the other smaller casinos and the city council to have a sit down meeting in a small room over at America first. Simple request all vote, no smoking in the casinos.

    Of course you probably would not be able to get them to meet and if you did the vote would be a resounding no.

    Mr Lee of the Eureka just recently placed a new vending machine at one of the busy entrances to his place. Of course it sells cigarettes

    One of the oldest laws in running a successful business is " MONEY talks and B.S. walks", just about every time.

    Ken Burke, love that clean air
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    I started working in restaurants in CA in the 60s, then I flew for Pan Am in the 70s. At that time, we employees did not like the smoke, but it came with the job. The worst was flying servicemen in and out of Saigon! I loved the jobs, but had no choice about the smoke. Although I’m lucky so far to be free of smoking related diseases, I don’t push my luck by exposing myself to more second hand smoke.

    Thanks to education and legislation, smoking has been banned for years in many venues across the country and on all US airlines. For the same reasons, smokers have become a small minority now. Banning smoking in public places is not discriminatory; second hand smoke is an environmental hazard. As mentioned by other writers, owners of casinos and restaurants would reap the benefits of a healthier workforce, while attracting more clients to their smoke-free environment, if they banned smoking inside their premises.

    After so many other places have banned smoking and enjoyed the benefits – for both their businesses and for the community – it’s time for Mesquite to do the same! I challenge The Eureka to lead the way. Please provide a smoke free environment for your employees and your clients!
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    I worked in Casinos from age 14 (the Desert Inn) until I retired a few years ago (Eureka Mesquite). Mesquite is unique because the casinos here are owned by individuals, individuals who can do whatever they want with their casinos, so this is a matter of choice by one person at each property. My experience with the owner of the Eureka is that money will always come before the heath of workers. the health of the workers is only important when it comes to doing their job. Until you can convince owners that they will save money by creating a healthy workforce, they will give this subject no consideration. As for the customers, well, they matter even less to the owners, all the owners are interested in the customers is for their money. I did research and presented a plan to the owner of the Eureka to clean up the air, but in the end he chose to put perfume into the air rather than clean it up. Good luck with your efforts, but you are in for a fight till the end when it comes to changing the compassion of casino owners.
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    I worked for the U S Postal Service for 25 years and was subjected to second hand smoke for at least half that time. I feel that people who smoke don’t have the right to subject others to their bad habits…. especially when it affects someone’s ability to breath clean air.
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    I am very concerend about the smokers using oxygen while smoking. I have seen this many times. I contacted security two different times and was told there in no policy against this. I find this very disturbing and dangerous. I think it is time the Casinos take some responsibility for allowing this and allowing us and their staff to be exposed to the harmful effects of second hand smoke .
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    I’ve worked in Nevada casinos for over 30 yrs. My lungs are just fine, and I smoke! Geesh people, get a life!
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    I love nevada still allows business owners determine whether or not to allow smoking…

    And no, I’m not a smoker. Can’t stand it. You guys need to find a hobby.
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    I lost my lung during 911. I don’t understand why you cannot smoke during a tournament at the casinos but can smoke any where else. You can’t smoke in restaurants so why any where else. The town I come from in NY you can’t smoke on the sidewalks in front of stores. They can do it so can we. Concord Ca also is smoke free for over twenty years.
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    I have sarcoidosis of the lungs. I get shortness of breath easily and being around

    smokers really effects my breathing. I usually have to use a scarf or sweater over

    my nose and mouth when I go in to eat at a restaurant at a casino.
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    My dad smoked 2-3 packs of Camels a day, and I breathed his second-hand smoke. He died at an early age. I never liked the smell…didn’t realize second-hand smoke was bad for me. I smoked for 1 month in high school in the 1950s (peer pressure) and kept throwing up. Thank goodness I stopped—not just because I had more money to spend on dates with all the pretty high school girls in my home town (Laredo, Texas), but because I’m still very healthy at the age of 75. Not sure why I’m so healthy, since I breathed dad’s second-hand smoke a lot. Although I live in Mesquite (where there are several casinos), I never set foot in the casinos for ANY reason—meals, etc. If there’s a meeting of a community group held in a casino, I don’t go either. Maybe that’s another reason I’m so healthy.
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    Starteed smoking at age 11, after HS joined military smokes cost 11 cents a pack (whats not to like). They also gave smokes in every pack of C-Rations. Simple said

    the tobacco companys made smoking way to easy. After I learned how bad for you health, I quite at age 44. There is simply no reason workers need be exposed to second hand smoke in the worke place. At this point in time it is Money Greed and Casino’s simply dont care. The sicence is proved.
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