"I Support Clean Indoor Air"

Please join us in signing our statement of support.

"I support smokefree places. Secondhand smoke is a threat to our health. I support everyone's right to breathe clean air in the places where they work and play." 


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    So, like, if I open a bar with my own money, and, like, you wouldn’t come into it if you lived to be 500 years old, I shouldn’t be allowed to allow smoking in my bar? Is that right?
  • commented 2018-05-26 13:47:45 -0700
    I signed the petition and wrote a letter to be read at the next city council meeting in support of this initiative because I think this is very important. I’m hoping that along with the health studies that can be used to push this initiative forward that there is an financial impact study being done that can be presented to the city council also. I think as an active, outdoor community, even more visitors would come here if the casinos were advertised as smoke free. Use that as a great reason to come to Mesquite!
  • commented 2018-05-23 08:56:13 -0700
    It’s time to elect a city council that is looking out for our health and is not afraid to stand up for the eighty-seven percent of the population that don’t smoke. In the upcoming election for Mesquite City Council there is only one candidate that supports clean air and that is Chuck Kruder.
  • commented 2018-05-18 12:49:12 -0700
    It would be nice to visit a casino that didn’t reek of smoke. It’s awful, invasive & unhealthy. I think many more people would visit & play in casinos if they were smoke free.
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    I’m sitting here in the bingo room coughing my head off due to smokers. I smoked for 33 years, but had the sense to quit 17 years ago. These people would not stop gambling If It became non-smoking. They would just step outside or to a provided smokers room for a few minutes . It can be done!!!
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    I am from Hurricane Utah and would like to use the casinos and businesses in Mesquite but i will not stop there until smoking is banned. I am forced to drive to Las Vegas and use one of the smoke free casinos . My neighbors at Sand Hollow resort would like to spend money at Mesquite but are waiting for a smoke free casino,
  • commented 2018-04-13 19:11:04 -0700
    I was a smoker and know how much smokers enjoy a cigarette BUT why should EVERYONE, including the employees, in a casino have to inhale this second-hand smoke just because someone else can’t go outside for ten minutes to have a cigarette. Colorado did it and it didn’t hurt their casinos and it didn’t cause the smokers to stop going there. They would just take a break and go outside for a cigarette. Please, it’s time to pay attention to the clean air act and protect your customers and employees!
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    I have asthma and cannot go in the casinos at all, consequently when dinning out which we do several times a week we cannot go to the restaurants in the casinos . They are losing money not only from me, but our friends as well they go with us to non smoking restaurants. We visit Deadwood, South Dakota so I can gamble and go to the shows as they are smoke free casinos and have been for years
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    I support Clean Indoor Air All the evidence shows that it will increase visits to gaming business activities while improving the health of all those exposed to these carcinogens. We need a City Council that puts health and the economy above their fear of loosing a few votes.
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    I spend four months every year in Mesquite and have a heart condition I would love to see smoke-free environments to play
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    I spend four months every year in Mesquite and have a heart condition I would love to see smoke-free environments to play
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    This isn’t even up for debate. The right to smoke should not be a priority over a non-smoker’s health. Public places should ban smoking or have designated smoking areas like in many airports. Period.
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    "I Support Clean Indoor Air"
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    I believe that cigarette smoke in our casinos is a public safety issue. With 1/3 of our population in the senior community, we are more likely to be affected by 2nd hand smoke. In addition, the workers in the casino should be protected. Laws have been passed throughout the US protecting the public from 2nd hand smoke. NV even passed a ballot initiative which was never enforced. It is time that Mesquite took the lead on this!
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    I support Clean Indoor Air !!!
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    Mesquite casinos are killing their employees and their patrons without so much as the blink of an eye. This should be a health priority for the city.
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    Mesquite casinos are killing their employees and their patrons without so much as the blink of an eye. This should be a health priority for the city.
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    84,000 chemicals in household products and only 5 are regulated?

    It is a miracle that anybody is still alive. But many are already well on their way.
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    "I Support Clean Indoor Air"
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    I feel it should be a crime of MURDER for every smoker in public as they are literally KILLING PEOPLE. It is non-smokers right to feel safe from hazards to our health. Why is it that all other methods people use to kill people are crimes but this is not? I want to live a long life and I honestly don’t want to have hatred in my heart but every time a smoker sits next to me, I get angry, livid, and homocidal! I HATE SMOKERS! They are selfish and inconsiderate people. Smoke at home or go get in your own car when you must smoke so you only cause harm to yourself!
  • commented 2018-02-25 14:22:26 -0800
    I will not visit Mesquite casinos until they are smoke free. The Utah customers agree with me.